If you’re selling CBD oil in Texas, take note: its sale may still be restricted in the Lone Star State, despite what many had assumed.


According to a new report from NBC 5 KXAS in Fort Worth, prosecutors in Tarrant County have announced that possession of some CBD products remains a felony in the state.


What was the Point of the Farm Bill 2019

That’s in stark contrast to what many retailers–and loyal users–had believed, especially since President Trump signed the new farm bill into law in December. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 mostly reauthorized a heap of federal farm-related spending. But it also contained groundbreaking new language recognizing hemp as an approved commercial crop.

KXAS, however, reports that experts in Texas told the station the state has not legalized hemp farming, despite these recent actions by the federal government. In addition, Larry Moore, criminal division chief for the district attorney’s office in Tarrant County, told KXAS that, in Texas, CBD is not legal.

“And until the legislature changes that, it’s going to continue to be illegal,” Moore told the television station.

KXAS also spoke to Dallas pharmacist Emile Abdo who dispenses CBD as an alternative to addictive alternative therapies. Abdo told the station that he believes that the recent federal farm bill did indeed legalize the sale of CBD by classifying hemp as an allowable commercial crop. CBD user Amanda Ruane told KXAS that she also believed CBD sales to be legal in Texas, as she has watched stores that sell CBD open throughout the state.


CBD laws continue are complicated to track.

An interconnected web of local, state and federal laws and regulations apply to hemp and products made from it. And at times they may seem to contradict each other. According to TheStreet.com, for instance, while some states have moved to decriminalize the sale of marijuana, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration still classifies CBD as a Schedule I drug. The DEA considers Schedule I drugs to have no “accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”


Under the new farm bill, however, Forbes reports that hemp will no longer be managed by the Justice Department as an illegal substance. Instead, the Department of Agriculture will oversee it as a crop. According to Forbes, the legislation opens the hemp industry to banks and credit card companies for service. This will allow hemp farmers access to crop insurance for the first time. Other changes include legalizing hemp trade and allowing hemp in pharmaceutical research.



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