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Ive been using this stuff for about 2 years for anxiety, and it works wonders! But what makes me love FreshLeaf even more is how much it helps my father. He recently had an extremely invasive surgery basically replacing his spine, his recovery will take 6+ months and he was bedridden for over a month. The pain he has and still does suffer from this ordeal is excruciating; and although he was given pain meds, this CBD oil is the only thing that takes the pain away enough for him to sleep through the night. We tried countless different brands but FreshLeaf is the only one that is consistent and actually works for him. Cant say enough great things about this stuff, its helped my father and myself greatly.
Also – The owners of this company are truly good people who care about making quality products that help people. Keep up the outstanding work FreshLeaf!

ileigha pain relief and anxiety CBD concentrate June 24, 2018