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I have had anxiety problems for a long while now that seemed to have only gotten worse over the years. I refused pharmaceutical options due to the side effects and potential addiction problems. I have been using Freshleaf for a couple months now and I’ve only had one panic attack during that time. I also vape CBD I bought from another site that helps calm me more instantly if I do get anxious. I feel it’s because the vape forces me to breathe more evenly. I recommend CBD to everyone I know and send them to this site. The prices are fair and the bottles are secure.

I also believe that CBD has helped with my seasonal allergies however I’m not 100% sure on that one yet. I may update on that later in the year.

My roommate has CP and this has helped her a lot as well. She moves more smoothly and her anxiety has seemed to decrease as well. I will have her leave her own testimonial later though.

Thank you Fresh Leaf for making a more functional life for me and others possible.

Felicia Kavanas Anxiety Fresh Leaf CBD 350mg oral drops October 24, 2017

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