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I’m a 47yr old retired motocross racer with 40 solid years on the bike. Through the years it’s taken it’s toll on my body. With the most recent injury “Exploded tibia, fibia, tibia plateau and total vascular reconstruction of the right leg” I’d been living on harsh/heavy meds. Introduced by Jeff Donahue and Elysian labs was CBD. I was skeptical at the least… I endured 15 reconstructive surgeries and have excepted it I would be in pain or on heavy meds for the rest of my life After giving into Jeff’s please I tried his product. Best decision I’d made. I have since not needed the heavy meds and have switched over to using Fresh Leaf CBD. For the doubter or skeptic the stuff works. I am truly grateful for this product…

Darrin Poole Pain relief Fresh Leaf CBD 150mg and Fresh Leaf CBD Nilla Cake 350mg August 23, 2017

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