The Coca-Cola Company is negotiating with Canadian marijuana producer, Aurora Cannabis, to develop CBD-infused drinks. The American beverage giant certainly isn’t a stranger to infusing their products. Cokes from 1885 to 1903 contained trace amounts of coca leaf extract (yep, cocaine). Common at the turn of the 20th century, many dangerous drugs once thought to have medicinal purposes to aid health and wellness, like cocaine, are now illegal as they lack any medical benefits.


Coca-Cola and Aurora Cannabis’ deal is far from final, but other beverage companies are also jumping on Canada’s CBD trend.


Cannabis Beverage Producers


Constellation Brands (the makers of Corona, Modelo, and Svedka) invested 4 billion dollars into Canopy Growth Corporation to develop “alternative” cannabis beverage options. This is in addition to their initial investment of 192 million dollars in 2017.


Molson Coors Brewing Company stuck a deal with HEXO Corp, again for the prospect of cannabis-infused drinks.


This trend is interesting as infusion beverage products are not yet legal anywhere.


This speculation begs the question: Are these companies interested in truly supporting health and wellness, or are they using their deep pockets to make them even deeper? My money is on the latter.


For the millions of people struggling daily from a myriad of physical ailments, CBD is a viable option to traditional Western medical solutions. CBD, or cannabidiol, lacks the psychoactive component of THC, thus not producing the “high” associated with marijuana. Though marijuana remains illegal, GW Pharmaceuticals received the FDA green light to produce the first marijuana-derived treatment for epilepsy, Epidiolex.


The public and medical community understand more about marijuana’s benefits for health and wellness. Therefore, CBD-infused drinks are closer than we think.


With the influence of these Fortune 500 companies, I hope global awareness of CBD’s benefits opens further research possibilities.