Following the North American legalization of hemp-based products, companies are now clambering to include CBD in their products. Possibly none more than the beauty industry.

If you mention CBD oil to a specific generation, you’ll tend to get the same questions each time. The irony in this is that this is the generation who likely indulged in their own Reefer Madness.

Questions along the lines of, “Is it safe?” and “What are the side effects?” might hurl in. That said, when it comes to CBD and in the words of Indigo Montoya, “I do not think that means what you think it means.”

Although part of the same plant as THC, both components are just two of more than 80 compounds that are extracted from the sativa plant. Those compounds are called cannabinoids, and this is likely neither the first nor the last time you’ll hear that word in 2019.

CBD cannot get you high. It lacks all of the psychoactive abilities of THC, which is also probably why it’s quickly gaining popularity in fields outside of medicine. After all, we’ve already heard about the medicinal benefits of cannabis oil.

Now, everything from tobacco companies to the beauty industry wants in.


Is CBD the solution to cosmetic problems?

In the medical field, CBD oil has been used to treat all sorts of pain. From joint pain to musculoskeletal, CBD’s relaxation-boosting properties have helped numerous people with a vast array of medical conditions.

As well as physical benefits, it’s also been used to help those who suffer from anxiety and PTSD. On the contrary to what anybody may have told you, anxiety can be as debilitating a condition as arthritis. CBD’s neuro-calming effects, therefore, come in extremely useful.

Then why beauty?

Well, why not?

Acne sufferers, those who are uncomfortable with cellulite or wrinkles, and even people who suffer from conditions like psoriasis should also be taken seriously. The beauty industry is, after all, more than just about making you look good.

It’s about feeling good, too.


Does CBD provide cosmetic benefits?

Studies have proven that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why we’re starting to see it in cosmetic products. Skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and broken capillaries, as well as psoriasis, have one thing in common: inflammation.

Despite scientific studies into cannabidiol still being in their infancy, those that have been done have all shown those anti-inflammatory qualities. The skin also has an endocannabinoid system of its own, with our bodies containing anandamide, which is a molecularly similar chemical. Meaning you’re not putting anything onto your skin that it doesn’t have already.

Due to what we know so far, as well as the results, of CBD skin care we’re also able to learn exactly which parts of the oil are therapeutic. As well as exactly how. For example:

Essentially, it’s a hipster Bengay that induces the “runner’s high”.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?


Why now?

At the tail end of 2018, Canada became the second country to legalize the usage of marijuana. Understandably, that led to stock market explosions and crashes. It’s almost as if when that happened, the world went mad for Mary Jane.

So far, 21 countries around the world have either decriminalized or legalized medical cannabis. We also expect there will be many more in the upcoming months. Many states in the US have also done the same, with rumblings about New Jersey and New York hopefully on the horizon.

Due to the money that’s there to be made in the business, everybody wants part of it. From the companies that operate Marlboro to Corona, there’s barely a stock movement left that doesn’t want their part in the market.

With that said, due to all of the beauty and cosmeceutical benefits of CBD oil, it only goes without saying that beauty would lead the way.

CBD makeup and cosmetic choices on the market

Already, there’s plenty of choice for CBD makeup and cosmetics in health and beauty stores around the globe. There are CBD-infused serums, face masks, lip balms, moisturizers, and oils. CBD is a legitimate skincare trend that’s only going to get bigger as cannabis laws change around the world.

To put it into perspective, there’s even CBD-infused mascara out there. CBD is allowing cosmetic companies to put a spin on their existing products in ways that follow the trends and lead them.

What’s next for CBD and the Beauty Industry?

Projected to be next on the horizon of CBD exploration in the beauty business are terpenes. As well as being what gives the plant its specific scent, they have a wide range of therapeutic attributes that aren’t being looked into fully yet.

We can all expect to see more CBD moisturizers and CBD lotions on the market sooner rather than later. Hair serums and masks will continue to grow in popularity and, hopefully, the doubters will begin to see the real benefits of CBD.

If not, the majority of us will be able to continue moving forward on our own accord – with soft, wrinkle-free skin.