Long gone are the days of taking Ibuprofen for muscle fatigue and inflammation post-workout. There are better, more natural options out there and athletes are hopping on the train.

According to Statista, Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, sales have grown by 227% in the United States since 2017. This isn’t all that surprising knowing the effects CBD have on physical and mental health. Athletes have especially taken an affinity towards CBD due to the immense amount of physical benefits.

NFL Linebacker Derrick Morgan, MMA Fighter Chris Camozzi, NFL Offensive Tackle Eugene Monroe are among some of the major players in the sports world embracing CBD. They’ve all have spoken publicly about the positive impacts it’s had on them.

Hesitant to try out CBD? Many are since it comes from the same plant as marijuana. One thing you must understand is that it won’t make you high because it contains no THC, the psychoactive ingredient. In fact, CBD has quite the opposite effect. CBD will energize your body and mind, while simultaneously calming anxieties.

Why athletes are embracing it

It’s no secret that athletes endure a lot of strain and stress on their bodies. Joints wear down after long runs. Muscle soreness builds up after intense lifting sessions. Pushing the body to extremes during exercise is what builds muscle in the long run but in the short run it can be painful and limiting. Muscles need to recover in order to rebuild properly. CBD aides in that recovery but can also help before the pain even happens. Here are the 7 biggest benefits of CBD for athletes:

Pain Relief

After a good workout, muscle fatigue is a given. Sure, Ibuprofen might do the trick to cure the pain but many aren’t mindful of the harms it actually does to the body. According to Key to Cannabis, if deaths from the toxic effects of NSAID drugs were tabulated separately, these drug toxicities would constitute the 15th most common cause of death in the United States. CBD is analgesic, making it a natural way to relieve the body of stress and physical ailment. Dr. Charlton Woodly in Texas states  “I use it in my practice because, unlike pain medications, such as Tylenol, CBD does not cause kidney or liver issues while providing the same pain relief.” Before heading to the gym for training or when gearing up on game day, give these CBD gummies a try to start the alleviating the pain during and after the session.

Appetite Control

Athletes are mindful of everything that enters their mouth. Without the proper fuel, your body can’t perform at its best. That’s why many athletes are focused in on structured diets, which are limiting. Staying on track and not being tempted to derail a diet can be a challenge. CBD has been successful in helping to curb appetites, even aiding in weight loss for many people. Some companies have even adopted it in their formula for weight loss pills. Why does it work? Ghrelin, a hormone in the brain, is what stimulates hunger and appetite. Receptors from CBD stimulate ghrelin, making the brains thought for appetite stimulated. If you don’t speak science, essentially when taking CBD food won’t be as active on your mind. For athletes focused on eating prescribed meal plans or cutting, this is huge.

Reduce Anxiety

Pre-game jitters are real for athletes. Everyone gets nervous in the time leading up to the game and the first few minutes of play time. It’s only natural. Unfortunately, for some, this anxiety can affect their game-time performance. CBD can help to calm down their nerves while keeping them alert. When CBD first gained widespread traction, the ability to reduce anxiety for many stricken with it was the biggest selling factor. Before a game, consuming a dosage of Full Spectrum CBD can take the edge off so you can enter the game in the best state of mind.

Help Inflammation

For fitness fanatics, the capability to quickly and naturally repair tissue damage is huge. Fatigue from one workout can affect your performance in workouts throughout the rest of the week. Many athletes turn to Aspirin to help reduce the inflammation to get back to the gym the next day. However, studies have shown that CBD reduces inflammation without using chemicals. So now, athletes have the option on how to cure their muscle inflammation naturally.


Before working out, athletes often like to have an energy booster. Athletes resort to chemical-packed pre-workout shakes and energy drinks to power through intensive workouts. While great for short energy spurts, they don’t help athletes maintain energy in endurance workouts and long training sessions. CBD has been proven to energize and provide a euphoric experience. Athletes can get an energy high without being dragged down by a crash later on.

Maintain Balance

According to Very Well Health, CBD can “help with your body’s homeostasis, which is keeping things like temperature, respiration, and blood flow in proper balance.” Athletes need to maintain steady vital signs to perform at their peak. Fluctuating levels is how problems can occur. When your internal systems are balanced, everything runs better – physically and mentally.


CBD can help to relax the mind and body inducing deep sleep. For athletes, sleep is critical since that’s how muscles recover best. According to Key to Cannabis, in some studies, CBD has been successful in inducing sleep for insomniacs.

Athletes best tool is CBD to maintain energy, ensure sound sleep, and to reduce pain. Ditch the Ibuprofen and other toxic medications. Incorporate CBD into your fitness regimen for not only better results but healthier results. Athletes work hard and the products they should work just as hard. This is just the beginning of CBD. With a product so new to the market, scientists are well on their way to uncover more ways the plant can help improve the quality of everyday life for athletes and everyone.