Can CBD Lotion Save Your Skin?

Are you suffering from dry, itchy skin? How about stiff, sore muscles? You may want to try CBD lotion. Cannabidiol is an ancient treatment with modern implications. While cannabis has been used topically for hundreds of years, only recently have CBD products become mainstream again. If you’re curious about trying CBD lotion, you’ve come to [...]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Full Spectrum CBD

Are you curious what makes full spectrum CBD unique? If you’ve ever searched online for Cannabidiol products, then you know first hand there is no shortage of selection. The CBD market has exploded! From Cannabidiol infused topicals to concentrates, you can find numerous ways to enjoy the life enhancing benefits of CBD. But not all [...]

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7 Creative Ways to Eat CBD Gummies

Let’s be honest here, gummies are one of life’s greatest pleasures. Sweet, chewy, and downright delicious, you can’t go wrong with gummy bears. But Cannabidiol infused gummies take things to a whole new level. Offering all of the deliciousness of a gummy plus the body boosting benefits of Cannabidiol, CBD gummies are elevating your snack [...]

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Why Not All CBD Concentrates are Created Equally

Cannabidiol extracts offer a lot of benefits. They’re potent, pure, and let’s not forget about convenient. Concentrates contain high doses of CBD. Therefore, you only have to consume a small amount for a large dose. (Hence why so many people prefer concentrates.) However, you do have to be cautious when purchasing extracts. The rise in [...]

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3 Ways to Use CBD Concentrates

Are you curious about CBD concentrates? Potent and pure, CBD concentrates are refined down to contain the highest levels of Cannabidiol. The extractions process removes excess plant material, waxes, and residuals. The end result is a remarkably powerful product. But concentrates are not just potent, they are also incredibly versatile. In fact, here are 3 [...]

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