Are you curious about CBD concentrates?

Potent and pure, CBD concentrates are refined down to contain the highest levels of Cannabidiol. The extractions process removes excess plant material, waxes, and residuals. The end result is a remarkably powerful product. But concentrates are not just potent, they are also incredibly versatile.

In fact, here are 3 ways you can use CBD concentrates.

  1. Sublingual Dosing

Sublingual dosing (under the tongue) is great for quick, fast-acting relief. It is odorless and produces no smoke. Therefore, using a concentrate by sublingual dosing is a good choice for consuming Cannabidiol discreetly. A drop of CBD directly under the tongue is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. The effects can usually be felt within minutes. It’s important to mention though that you will need to check the strength of a concentrate before dosing. Pure CBD concentrate will contain a much higher concentration of Cannabidiol. Therefore, you will need to adjust your dosage accordingly.

  1. Edibles

Adding CBD to your favorite recipes is easier than you think! In fact, if you have CBD concentrate, you are ready to make delicious infused CBD edibles within minutes. For simple infusions, you can dilute your concentrate using olive oil or butter. (Note: Infusing with a fat will help your body absorb the CBD) From there, you’ll be able to make almost any recipe a CBD infusion!  You can even add Cannabidiol to beverages. Making your own CBD products is cost-effective and handy. Instead of relying on store-bought products, you can create custom infusions. This is especially handy for allergy sufferers or picky eaters! As with any product, you should always look for quality. Search for concentrates made with domestically derived and lab-tested industrial hemp.

  1. Vaporizing

If you want the experience of smoking, vaporizing is a great option. Vaping provides the sensation of smoking without the harmful effects. Instead of burning material, vaporizers heat a substance without using combustion. Which means vaping is significantly healthier than smoking! It is also tastier. CBD E-liquids today come in delicious flavors like vanilla, berries, mint, and more! Using a CBD concentrate, you can easily make an e-liquid Cannabidiol infused. While vaporizing pure CBD will not harm you, it’s an extremely harsh vape. Truthfully, it is also waste of product. You’re better off adding the concentrate to an e-liquid. However, not all e-liquids are made for infusing. Look for e-liquids that contain natural ingredients and are made for vaporizing CBD. (Did you know Freshleaf CBD has partnered with top e-liquid companies to provide you the highest grade Cannabidiol E-liquids?)

These are just a few of the many ways you can use CBD concentrates!

Fast-acting, versatile, and cost-efficient – concentrates offer numerous benefits. As one of the most potent CBD products on the market, concentrates are a powerful way to consume Cannabidiol.

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