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I tried fresh leaf CBD in order to help alleviate my C-spine pain and nerve injuries. Before taking the CBD oil I could not rotate my neck past 30° to either side. Taking a triple dose before bed resulted in me waking the next day with minimal pain and Full range of motion returned. Thanks Read More...

Clayton Kemble Inflammation, Cervival Spine Pain relief. 600mg cbd oil

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I\'d give it 5 stars but, to me, it\'s unvapable because of the taste, even when mixed with the best ejuice. However, the concentrate is much better tasting and I use it before bedtime and when I wake during the night. I\'m under a tremendous amount of stress due to my husband\'s terminal illness, and Read More...

Susan R Hornbrook I bought it for my husband with Stage IV Lung Cancer but haven\'t given it to him until I can talk to his oncologist. I use it for sleep. The concentrate. I don\'t enjoy vaping it.

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I always smoked pot to just relax and help me sleep. I don't necessarily like being stoned. This CBD oil has definitely helped and it just calms and relaxes you without that being stoned feeling. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Michele Anxiety, migraines Nilla cake CBD

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What People Are Saying

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Since using cbd as directed I have not experienced any migraines or sleepless nights.

Peter Papazoglou Migraine headaches Freshleaf cbd 350

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I was given this before and during event because I forgot my anxiety medication at home over 8 hours away. Not only did it help I completely stopped taking the medication when I got home.

Andrew Byrd Anxiety Sublingual

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What People Are Saying

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My service dog has a crippling fear of fireworks. Anytime there is a holiday or neighborhood party she will hide and shake uncontrollably for hours. One dropper full of FreshLeaf CBD on even the 4th of July reduced her anxiety to the point she was able to nap through the fireworks.

Willy My dog 350mg FreshLeaf

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Freshleaf CBD

A little about us at Freshleaf CBD based in Orange County, California our roots began in the eliquid manufacturing industry. While helping people quit smoking for some time, we decided to shift gears. We were seeking a holistic approach to ailments that people suffer from on a daily basis. Utilizing a 99.9% pure CBD (CBD Oil / cannabidiol) isolate we began manufacturing our over the counter product for the masses. Since our inception we have grown every single day. We enjoy hearing the testimonies from our customers of how Freshleaf CBD is improving their lives. We look forward to expanding our product line and helping individuals in the process.