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Nothing touched the pain given to me by my Dr. Freshleaf has allowed me to live pain free!

Sylvia Maxson Rheumatoid arthritis 600mg freshleaf

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I was given this before and during event because I forgot my anxiety medication at home over 8 hours away. Not only did it help I completely stopped taking the medication when I got home.

Andrew Byrd Anxiety Sublingual

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Every day I struggle with chronic ankle pain, two years ago I was out having fun with friends when my foot slipped and my whole body weight fell onto my ankle and caused it to roll. I could not walk properly for weeks and was unable to drive for 3 months as I was not Read More...

Robert Wilkins Chronic ankle pain caused by a severe sprained ankle two years ago. The Steamery CBD

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What People Are Saying

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I tried fresh leaf CBD in order to help alleviate my C-spine pain and nerve injuries. Before taking the CBD oil I could not rotate my neck past 30° to either side. Taking a triple dose before bed resulted in me waking the next day with minimal pain and Full range of motion returned. Thanks Read More...

Clayton Kemble Inflammation, Cervival Spine Pain relief. 600mg cbd oil

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this stuff is a miracle. i'm a late cbd adopter, because i have issues with the drug association and how easy it was to mistake full spectrum for drugs because of the smell and taste. isolate solves that problem, and it works amazingly well. i put a dropper under my tongue, and i drip a Read More...

zacarias oxford mostly anxiety and sleeplessness 300mg cbd, also pretty much everything elysian makes, lol.

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What People Are Saying

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I can not believe how much this works, can not wait to let my neurologist know, and hear his view. I have never been able to concentrate and understand instructions without re-reading numerous times, let alone get a stress headache. My concentration is phenomenal, my affect is pleasing, I can actually talk and hold a Read More...

Esther Cramer Recommended by sister/migraines. CBD 150mg/10 gtts

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A little about us at Freshleaf CBD based in Orange County, California our roots began in the eliquid manufacturing industry. We have been helping people quit smoking for some time. We were seeking a holistic approach to ailments that people suffer from on a daily basis. Utilizing a 99.9% pure CBD (CBD Oil / cannabidiol) isolate we began manufacturing our over the counter product for the masses. Since our inception we have grown every single day. We enjoy hearing the testimonies from our customers of how Freshleaf CBD is improving their lives. We look forward to expanding our product line and helping individuals in the process.


Earlier in 2017 Independent Vapor Company began taking some of the more prominent eliquid brands in the nation and making a CBD version of their liquids. Freshleaf CBD had already begun working on CBD eliquid / CBD Oil forms of our sister company Elysian Labs flavors. Naturally combining forces became inevitable. Today Freshleaf CBD offers a range of eliquid flavors for all of your CBD needs. Give them a shot! They are delightful.